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Walnridge Reproduction Services is a small business focused exclusively on freezing equine semen for domestic and international use.  The semen is processed and frozen in a USDA approved, state-of-the-art lab with advanced equipment to achieve high quality frozen semen.  The company is owned and operated by the veterinarians at Walnridge Equine Clinic, who focus on reproduction. Therefore, all semen processing is overseen by a veterinarian. Our small size allows us to work closely with each individual stallion and make changes if necessary to improve their post-thaw motility.  


WRS prides itself in customer service and a close working relationship with Southwind Farms and agents abroad.  The exportation of frozen semen requires close communication with the USDA and extensive knowledge of the comprehensive testing and paperwork required.  An individualized program for each stallion is designed at the start of the season in order to insure the process goes smoothly and the semen arrives at its destination on time.

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